Cigar, Spirits, and Wine Tasting Events

Cigar, spirits, or wine tasting events can be the perfect way to make your day more fun and memorable.

Add Cigars, Spirits, or Wine Tasting to Your Next Event

Add a fun, educational, and memorable twist

Whether you’re looking to add something unique to your next corporate event, bring a fun twist to your monthly meetups, or want to create an extra special birthday party, adding a tasting event is a sure way to help make it memorable.

As the premier retailer of fine wines and high-end spirits in the area, we have access to a wide variety of wines, spirits, and cigars that are sure to have a little bit of something to meet everyone’s tastes.

Wine Tastings

With all of the wonderful local wines, a wine tasting event is always a popular activity. Whether you want to choose from a selection of wines in different styles from different wineries, or just focus on specific varietals like Cabernets or Chardonnays, our wide selection allows you to customize your event to you and your guests specific tastes.

Cigar and Whiskey Tasting

Add a touch of class and refinement with a cigar and whiskey tasting event. This type of event is perfect for corporate gatherings, social club meetups, or simply taking your home poker game to the next level. Whether you're looking for an introduction to scotch or a few very special bottles to share with close friends we can customize our event to your needs.

Assorted Spirits Tasting

From the unique flavors of different types of Tequila, to how different mixtures and compositions of botanicals lend their distinct flavors to a great gin, or how different filtering and distilling methods affect the subtle nuances of different types of vodka, one of our spirits tasting events that will surprise even the most refined connoisseurs.

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